Proposal for Creative City Challenge


Minneapocalypse! from Panderton on Vimeo.

Minneapocalypse! imagines a world where the major coastal cities have fallen to unknown natural disasters. In our delusional haze, with a harsh summer on the horizon we will create a semblance of normality. What better pursuit than making blockbuster films at the center of our inland city!

We will need:

Shelter (school buses as studio bunkers!)
Cameras (your pocket devices!)
Crew (you!)

How exactly will this work? Well we don’t have the electrical power for giant lights, nor do we have fancy cameras so we will look to our salvaged pocket devices as well as the the optical and mechanical image making tools of previous centuries, though we will infuse them with the kind of explosion-happy imagery that we obviously need to survive.

But what do we mean, specifically? The following are the types of tools we can make.

Periscope City Portal:
A disc shaped projection from which you can select live camera feeds of various Minneapolis cityscape that make great backdrops for action film scenes.

Shadow Box:
A classic screen and lamp setup with dramatic storyboards and silhouettes for you to select and play out.

Magic Viewfinders:
This bus is positioned with one bay of windows aligned to frame portions of the city skyline. Within those windows we use the matte-painting technique to add monsters, heroes and volcanos to the scene. Have your friend perform other characters and sparkler effects as you peer through the viewfinder to see the entire scene come together.

Animation Wheels:
Make your own short animation loop by drawing on cards and apply them to our animation wheels for playback.

Don’t forget! All of the stations are outfitted with stands to hold your pocket devices so you can record your creations for future generations to enjoy!