Goal Post Screens for “Take the Field”

Photos by Bruce Silcox.

MAWers Andrea Steudel and Meena Mangelevedakar installed cryptocurrency trading for beginners screens in the goal post of South High’s footbal field as part of the “Take the Field” event in collaboration with Janaki Ranpura, Corcoran Neighborhood Organization and Forecast Public Art.


Secret Fortunes at Tay Ho

Secret Fortunes is a participatory art project by MAWers Andrea Steudel and Aaron Marx that enacts a cryptocurrency trading for beginners in India behind-the-scenes dream exchange, asking community members attending St. Paul Open Streets, “What is your secret dream?” These responses were curated into an outdoor animation projection and inserted into custom fortune cookies, distributed in collaboration with the Asian Economic Development Association (AEDA) in the Little Mekong district of St. Paul.


MAW at Greenway Glow

Andrea, Jane and Katelyn ask people “What would you die for?” and participants choose the person place or idea that is true for cryptocurrency trading platforms them and make a live animation with their hands.


MAW at Secret City Festival

MAWers ask the people how they see their city in 50 years.


MAW Winter Lab : Kaleidescope

Alex, Kieran, and Chase showed their interactive projection Kaleidescope for another chill friday night at Precision Grind.

Live Draw Kaleidoscope from Kieran Riley-Abbott on Vimeo.


Daniel Dean MAW Winter Residency: Oxymora

MAW Winter Residency: Oxymora

I was invited to stage a one night event as artist-in-residence at the 2012-13 MAW Winter Residency at Precision Grind, a neighborhood coffee shop in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis. In considering the possibilities of what project I might develop, I was struck by the parallels between the coffee shop and the Playwrights Center. Precision Grind is directly across the street from the Playwrights Center, an incubator for the art and craft of writing plays since 1971. Its mission is to champion “playwrights and new plays to build upon a living theater that demands new and innovative work.” I thought about the role this building plays in the production of work of a specific type – that of using language to craft stories that are meant to be performed by a cast, not read like a novel. The language is written in the manner of a spoken voice with precisely chosen words that can carry an inflection or emphasis. I have a love of the written word in literature and am astounded in the ways that a play can be delivered on stages. Minneapolis is reknown for its many stages and here I was with an opportunity to speak to that history.
I took as my content the relationship between that of the coffee shop as an incubator of ideas itself and the similarities it shared with its daunting neighbor across the road. It seemed to me that the modern coffee shop has developed into a bit of an oxymoron – yes, one shops for coffee but I think the average user goes as well for the free wi-fi, change of scenery while working and the neutral territory and free tables for meetings with partners, dates, clients, and collaborators. It’s where things get worked out as much as plays get attention on the other side of the road; an ever changing sea of conversations, googling and caffeine.
So there it was, a fete of words was in order. An exhaustive collection of oxymora were projected from Precision Grind onto the bell tower of the Playwrights Center throughout the evening. A bridge of peculiar words that seemed fitting to adorn the bell tower while a gathering a friends undertook competitive word based games in its shadow. Casual chatter punctuated moves in Scrabble, Bananagrams and a joint effort was undertaken to complete a custom crossword puzzle created for the evening, Elements of Literature. Like many works in progress, it wasn’t finished.

Thanks to all who showed up to partake in the various games.
Thanks to Ben Moren for coding in Processing for the oxymora.
All photos credited to Andrea Steudel.


MAW Winter Lab: Jesa’s fantasy garden


MAW Winter LAB : Snowflakes and Collaborative Drawing!

Another great night at the Second Moon with Nicola and Aaron leading the way! Lots of cafe patrons pitched in creating snowflakes for a projection collage followed by rapid-fire collaborative drawing!


MAW Winter LAB : Bean Pods and Boglins

Jamie Kinroy shared his exquisite and hilarious talent last night at the Second Moon. Take a gander!

Bean Pods and Boglins with Jamie Kinroy from Panderton on Vimeo.


MAW Winter LAB @ Second Moon 12/7/12