mawLib is a set of software tools for urban projection interventions.  mawLib includes modules for Cycling ’74′s Max environment, and focuses on the following:

  • architectural analysis and remapping
  • physics simulation for animation
  • connectivity with social networking (e.g. twitter)

mawLib also includes the following performance tools as stand-alone applications:

  • maw.livedraw: real-time performance tools for analog+digital animation and shadow puppetry
  • maw.stopmotion: rapid stop-motion creation tool
  • maw.animata-space: space-interpolation applied to animata animations

mawLib is developed by Chris Baker, Zach Crockett, Sinan Goknur, Ali Momeni, Andrea Steudel and Aaron Westre and hosted on github; go there to get it.


maw.livedraw is our flagship app; you can download of the latest stand-alone.


  • download, copy in Applications folder, double-click to open


  • OS X: tested up to 10.8.2 and guaranteed on none
  • Intel: PPC Mac owner? hold it to it, one day it’ll sell for a fortune on ebay

keep out an eye for the new version of maw livedraw, rewritten from bottom up with OpenFrameworks, soon; or if you’re into it, fork it on github. 


the Drawing Case is a portable illuminated drawing surface that wirelessly connects to a projector or MAW’s flagship software, livedraw. Worn across the waist of its operator it invites people on the other side to join in one-on-one conversations, live interviews, and impromptu drawings. See.