Cecily Sommers’ Book Launch: Think Like A Futurist

MAW @ Cecily Sommers Book Launch: Think Like a Futurist from MAW on Vimeo.


Last Chance for Love

Last Chance For Love from MAW on Vimeo.


Kitty Cat Klub with Ostracon

Jenny and Drew hit the Kitty Cat Klub to make live animations to the music of  talented and inspiring MAWfriends John Keston & Graham O’brien a.k.a. Ostracon.  Jaime took pictures.  We love Jamie too.



MAWccupy! Fall (Moon) Planning Meeting September 26, 2012

Team MAW met outside Regis tonight to plan future shenanigans!  It was warm, the moon was out and (as usual) the company was MAWesome!


Istanbul October 2011: Jenny, Ali, Brennan, Drew

As part of a Jerome Film and Video Grant, Jenny, Ali, Drew and Brennan went to Istanbul for 10 days in 2011.  Jenny worked on her film/animation with Drew and Brennan and the whole crew went on a MAW outing with the micro-projectors. Here are some lovely pictures!


Mobile Experiential Cinema: Berlin

MAW members Daniel Dean and Ben Moren traveled through Germany this summer 2012 to visit art fairs dOCUMENTA(13), Art Basel and the Berlin Bienalle. While in Berlin, they were invited to develop and enact a new Berlin specific Mobile Experiential Cinema project for Kulturpark, an international consortium of cultural producers and artists researching and creating site-specific work. From Kulturpark’s website:

On June 30 and July 1, 2012, visionaries from Berlin and beyond explore the physical, relative, and invisible dynamics at play upon the park. Captivated, their interruptions reflect its past, presence, and future, and confront the contained, the assumed, the imagined, and the unseen. From these limits, we discover a new open. Kulturpark is about the movements of amusement — its inherent dangers, its inevitable risk, its attraction, its liberation, its destiny.

Dean and Moren led a walking version of their project, leading about 25 viewers along a path that circumnavigated the Spreepark, an abandoned amusement park along the Spree River. Their project responded to the context of the Spreepark, an amusement park, as an example of a modern heterotopia. Using a mini-projector and mobile speakers,  they performed in three locations, each projecting a single channel video while Moren narrated the videos.


Department of Smoke and Mirrors by Jenny Schmid and Ali Momeni

The Department of Smoke and Mirrors (DSM) is a meditation on the effects of contemporary media on our collective and individual relationships with contemporary political discourse and action. This work draws on the spectacle of journalistic firepower that hijacks today’s politics: from Washington and Wall Street to the network of satellites and screens that report, to the protests that Occupy, the whole world is watching what a few of us are producing.  DSM is comprised of animated video— featuring a parade of sprinting demons, crowds responding chaotically, and images from recent protests— projected onto a vellum scroll hanging from the ceiling; the scroll is faced by surveillance cameras which feed back into the projection, causing repetition and distortion of the image.  The audience can walk through the spectacle, causing even further video distortion chaos as the surveillance cameras read and the software loops and layers their physical interference with the spectacle. This project investigates the relationship between authority, protest, the lens, and the screen.  The rhizome of surveilled objects and subjects in this work reflects on a culture where there is no time or distance separating the artifact, from the experience, from the spin. This exhibition is generously supported by Wellesley College Friends of Art.



Collaborative Drawing with MakeSh!t

MAW got together with MakeSh!t for a couple collaborative drawing sessions where the public was invited to participate in live drawing with artists at Father Hennepin Park in Minneapolis. Later these drawings were deconstructed into 8 x 10 works of art, where portions were donated to the Soap Factory’s $99 art sale. Check out a sweet video here or here.



Mobile Experiential Cinema: The Parade

Mobile Experiential Cinema: The Parade premiered during the 2012 Northern Spark Festival.

Mobile Experiential Cinema is a roving, storytelling platform that combines mobility, filmmaking, public projection, live theater action, and sound. The most recent version, The Parade, which follows a kidnapping narrative, invites a group of cyclists to meet and progress on a bike ride through the city following a predetermined path that supports the plot of the story. Audience members are instructed to periodically stop and view short episodic film segments that are projected onto urban structures. Between each of the segments, the audience is confronted with live theatrical actions that blur the borders between the filmic story and reality. The Parade presents key story elements via the projections, while other supporting live action elements include the live kidnapping of an audience member, a money and hostage exchange, planted artifacts, and live phone calls from key characters in the story. By combining all of these elements, MEC’s aim is to create an expanded cinematic world that roving audiences can be fully immersed within.

Mobile Experiential Cinema: The Parade from Ben Moren on Vimeo.


M.E.C reprise

On Friday, MAW members Daniel Dean and Ben Moren screened/performed their piece created for last year’s Northern Spark festival.  It is the inaugural work of their Mobile Experiential Cinema series entitled, second bridge is wider but not wide enough.

Check out their new work in June.